Wellness Where You Are

Archetype Wellness works along with clients to create, program, and oversee internal corporate wellness programs, challenge-based initiatives, and group training opportunities. We pride ourselves on our ability to customize and develop unique, tailored programming to fit the cultures and identities of our clients, as well as manage facilities, implement engagement initiatives, and program internal challenges for employees, groups, and individual team members.

Corporate Wellness

Our corporate wellness programming works with some of Baltimore's top employers attract, engage, and retain their top-tier talent through engagement and programming focused on improving the health and quality of their employees lives.

Group Training

We see clients in a small group setting where workouts are programmed and scaled with each client's goal in mind.  Using comprehensive biometric testing and advanced program design, we can help to achieve your fitness goals without the wear and tear of other programs.

Virtual Coaching

Using our app and web interface, we can program workouts and provide coaching and support to anyone, wherever you may be.  If you are a remote employee or a frequent traveler, our virtual coaching may be perfect to keep you on track.